Preview: RAY K. METZKER Intimations, Laurence Miller Gallery, NYC

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Ray K. Metzker, ‘Philadelphia”

A new Metzker exhibit promises some great prints by a monochrome master, Ray K. Metzker:

Laurence Miller Gallery is pleased to present RAY K. METZKER, Intimations, a selection of over forty photographs from his recently concluded European retrospective LIGHT LINES, which originated in 2007 at the Musee de l’Eysee, Lausanne, then travelled to the Preus Museum, Norway and to Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milan in 2008.

A European sensibility permeates this selection. With a greater emphasis on narrative and the human spirit, the exhibition explores Metzker’s delicate sense of design as he embraces the details of his surroundings while brooding over  the disconnect and alienation often experienced in urban settings.

Through February 26.

The exhibit: Laurence Miller



Brassai, “Monastic Brothel, Paris”

While at the site, visit the exhibit we saw over the holidays taken from the tasteful personal collection of Laurence Miller.

“Ojos Privados “ represents Laurence Miller’s passion for collecting over the course of thirty-five years. During that time, the gallery gave many artists their first shows in New York or first shows ever. Early on, Laurence Miller Gallery represented artists seemingly as diverse as Lee Friedlander, Helen Levitt, and Ray Metzker, and gave first exhibitions to Edward Burtynsky, Erwin Olaf, and Garry Fabian Miller. Some careers have faded, others have continued to rise, some artists have moved on or away and others have died. But all have played a part in making pictures that were chosen to become this extraordinary, and very personal, collection. 

The exhibit: Laurence Miller II

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