Fine Art Photographer Profile: Kelly Fitzgerald

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Kelly Fitzgerald, “Buffalo, CO”

There is a long tradition of landscape photography in Black and White that predates the last century. A modern practitioner of note is Kelly Fitzgerald. Her canvas is the American West (including Hawaii) and she brings a powerful new dimension to this photographic legacy.

1. As an artist in the photographic medium, what are you trying to accomplish with your audience/viewer?
I strive to create works that capture and preserve the beauty in nature and in vanishing places; images that will inform the viewer and convey the deep belief I have in the value of these amazing locations.

2. You have expertise with landscapes, why that subject matter?
The big influence for me was growing up in the early 1960’s in Pomona, California.  The home I lived in was situated near a huge field that was filled with hundreds of acres of tall mustard plants and walnut trees.  Beyond the fields were beautiful green rolling hills and creeks, and beyond those, the San Gabriel Mountains.

3. Tell us something about your technical approach to Black and White photography.
In 2004, I began the 5-year project called “A New Discovery”. It consisted of black and white landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands.  I took on the challenge of documenting these islands using Kodak HIE Professional High-Speed Infrared Film.  I wanted to reach beyond what the color photograph conveys, so I chose to create my work in black and white infrared film to reveal the ethereal and magical quality each island holds. I found the infrared light spectrum to be extremely fascinating and I loved the results I achieved.  Unfortunately, Kodak discontinued this film in December of 2007.  I did not know at the time, but not only was I documenting the vanishing landscape of Hawaii, I was also using a film medium that was soon to disappear.

4. What new project are you working on in 2011?
I have a couple of projects I am working on this year.  I will be offering affordable black and white, limited edition, fiber-based prints for the new collector.  The collection will feature never-before-seen works I have created over the past 25 plus years.

The other project I am working on is entitled “The Wilderness Trails”.  This concept will consist of a series of landscapes I have taken along through-hikes, such as the John Muir Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and the West Coast Trail in Canada, among others.  My goal is to create a book of “The Wilderness Trails” and donate part of the proceeds from the sales to conservation organizations.

For a visit to her site: Kelly Fitzgerald

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