Preview: “Descendants” by Norman Mauskopf, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

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Norman Mauskopf

A different view of the Southwest U.S. with a personal touch is on view at Verve Gallery with the exhibit entitled “Descendants” by award winning photographer Norman Mauskopf. From a new book by the same title, the images are striking while combining the mundane with the essense of a sub-culture’s identifying uniqueness.

The images come out of Mauskopf’s most recent book, Descendants, which focuses
on the Hispanic culture of northern New Mexico.  The book is published by Santa Fe-based Twin Palms/Twelve Trees Press.

“Northern New Mexico is a complex weave of pride and history. In this region of ancient traditions and striking environmental and ethnic diversity, Norman Mauskopf has spent the last decade photographing the Hispanic people and their culture. The photographs that emerged depict the intersection of religion, injustice, community, and transcendence.”

For more: Verve Gallery

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