Notable: Ansel , We Hardly Knew Ye – The Lost Negatives Update

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“The Lost Negatives” of Ansel Adams will remain lost under an out of court settlement just released. As described in the New York Times today:

The parties released a statement late on Monday that called the settlement terms “confidential.” But it said the parties to the suit, filed in California, had agreed that the man, Rick Norsigian, cannot use Adams’s name in selling prints from the negatives. He can continue to sell such items “subject to a disclaimer approved by the Trust.”

“Both parties have agreed not to make any defamatory statements about the other,” the statement said.

No mention was made of what the disclaimer might say or, more important, whether any agreement was reached on how to determine if the glass negatives found at a garage sale by Mr. Norsigian 10 years ago are actually Adams’s work.

To view the negatives and the press release: Lost Negatives

To read the NY Times article: NYT

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