Preview: Harry Calahan and Jackson Pollock, Photographs and Drawings, Pace MacGill, NYC

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An intriguing “small show” of small works … by two giants.

The New York Times reports:

During this decade they were exploring their chosen mediums’ potentials for abstraction, all-over composition and randomness. In drawing, which admittedly was not his main mode of expression, Pollock pursued these elements in small notational images. Those here alternate between impatient riffs on Picasso and schematic renderings of natural forms, including grass, all the while flirting with Surrealist automatism.

Calahan’s 1943 photographs of light rippling across dark water – in circling lines that resulted from extended exposures – are as classically “all-over” as the drip paintings that Pollock began making several years later. Callahan went on to produce strikingly calligraphic white-on-black works by photographing the beam of a flashlight in the dark while moving his camera, as well as delicate linear tangles achieved by taking multiple exposures of bare tree branches overhead.

Through April 16.

For more information: Pace MacGill

The New York Times article: NYT

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