On Site: Takeshi Shikama, Alan Klotz Gallery, NYC

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Takeshi Shikama, “Komogatake 5”

With the ongoing increased interest in Asian and particularly Japanese photography, it is worth a quick visit to catch the end of this exhibit run at Alan Klotz Gallery. The array of artistic work printed on gampi paper using the platinum palladium process is beautiful but at times unsettling … the focus being on “quietness”.

Takeshi is a classicist. His pictures are to some extent informed by other masters of the forest’s detail, such as Eliot Porter and Paul Caponigro, both of whom eschewed the monumental single object, in favor
of the thousands of tiny details that define the space, as well as describing the place. Takeshi follows this pattern. He would rather let the forest announce itself than to impose some previously developed external
esthetic notion upon it. This is where discovery lies, and that is what is at the core of this work, and what makes these pictures so startling and yet so quiet.

Now through April 30.

For more information: Alan Klotz Gallery

  1. Beautiful work. Would love to see it in person.

  2. Beautiful…but i’m more interested with this artist….for more than decades i’m looking for the name takeshi shikama….

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