Preview: Alisandra Wederich, “New Works”, Red Filter Gallery, Lambertville, NJ

In Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery, Photo Print Collector, Photographer on May 5, 2011 at 4:11 pm


Alisandra Wederich, “Depart”

A new gallery, Red Filter Fine Art Photography has opened equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia in Lambertville, New Jersey. The gallery is focused on Black and White contemporary photography and is associated with this website.

The inaugural exhibit is by Alisandra Wederich, a multi-media artist bringing her “outside the box” vision in the form of striking photos contemplating nature and decay combined with “bone art” images involving a unique photo transfer process.

Photography captures fleeting moments, and as soon as you’ve hit the shutter release, that moment is both captured and gone forever. Every photograph contains a little bit of life that we cannot ever relive. And as artists, we spend our lives taking these photographs and then we place a price on them as though their purchase will buy that time back.

Opening reception May 6 at 6pm

Exhibit through May 28

For more information: Red Filter Gallery

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