Notable: See In Black & White, Digital Photo Pro

In Article, Black and White Photography, Software on July 8, 2011 at 3:17 pm


In an article in the current issue of Digital Photo Pro,  George Jardine relates a methodology for preplanning your conversions from color to Black and White.

Fortunately, today’s digital processes are infinitely more flexible. Not only do we have the complete freedom to choose black-and-white rendering at anytime, but now we also have very precise control over color contrast after the fact. This is a relatively recent development, even relative to the digital revolution. Because the digital process gives us such great control over every aspect of our tones and textures (can you say, grain?), there has been an explosion of new tools specifically built to help us create any sort of look that our heart desires. But I believe that, after you have the basics of good tonal correction under your belt, it’s managing color contrast that will separate merely average black-and-white photographs from truly great interpretations. And so, color contrast in the black-and-white process is where we focus our discussion for this article.

For more on the article: Digital Photo Pro

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