Notable: T. Lux Feininger, Photographer and Painter, Dies at 101

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T. Lux Feininger’s 1927 photo “Charleston on the Bauhaus Roof,” showing the artist Xanti Schawinsky with Clemens Röseler on banjo.

Photography as art also serves a documentary purpose such as that contained in T. Lux Feininger’s recording of happenings, moments and events during the age of Bauhaus.

Influenced by the New Vision principles articulated by the Bauhaus teacher Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Mr. Feininger chronicled daily life at the Bauhaus in images that showed a playful, spontaneous spirit and a keen sense of new formal developments in photography.

“He captured what the student life was like there in a sophisticated, innovative way, even though he was totally untrained,” said Laura Muir, assistant curator of the Busch-Reisinger Museum at Harvard. “He merged photojournalism with the New Vision aesthetic of exaggerated angles, extreme close-ups and cropping.”

For more information: N Y Times

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