Notable: “Baptism”, Jennifer Hudson, Red Filter Gallery, Lambertville, NJ

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Worship, Jennifer Hudson

The Red Filter Gallery, located at 74 Bridge Street in Lambertville, New Jersey, is hosting Baptism, surreal mise-en-scène style photography illustrating the dynamics and spiritual quest of the human heart. Beginning September 8 and running through October 23rd. The opening reception is Friday, September 16th from 6-8pm. Baptism is open to the public each afternoon, Thursday through Sunday.

Red Filter Gallery has recently initiated fine art photography exhibits and is dedicated to displaying emerging and mature contemporary photography to a growing audience of photography enthusiasts and collectors.

Jennifer Hudson grew up in a spiritual and conservative home in rural Texas where she cultivated her curiosity and imagination. Experimenting with her artwork by offering insight and awareness about intensely personal experiences, she developed delicate “inventions”. These creations carefully allow environments and characters in her works to speak deeply about the human experience.

Baptism is a body of work that explores a young woman’s spiritual reincarnation. Hudson states: “We bear witness to her heartfelt journey of guilt and transgression …” Hudson’s ability to plumb the utilization of the forgotten, discarded and mechanical … is soulful, eerie, and quiet. Through careful posing and placement of her subject, her work connects with the subconscious in subtle and sometimes disturbing ways.

Jennifer Hudson’s work has been exhibited around the country and on both coasts with cover photos on multiple arts/fine art photography magazines.

From September 8 through October 23rd.

For more information: Red Filter Gallery

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