On Site: Haiti = Survival (No question but), Tequila Minsky, Soho Photo Gallery, NYC

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Tequila Minsky

Soho Photo, a New York  photography artist co-op is celebrating 40 years. The 100 plus members are supported by President R. Wayne Parsons and a staff of member volunteers. Located in a great space just below Canal St., the Gallery hosts member exhibits and guest exhibits like that of Tequila Minsky.

Her exhibit, photo transfers on cloth, captures the recent (and ongoing) devastation in Haiti in a touching but not overly sentimental display:

Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce that October’s guest is photo-journalist Tequila Minsky whose exhibition is entitled Haiti = Survival (No question but). Minsky has traveled to Haiti more than 20 times since 1993 in connection with various journalism projects. Minsky had arrived in Port-au-Prince five hours before the earthquake struck on January 12, 2010, having just spent almost a week in the countryside with a delegation visiting a peasant farmer association. The rest, of course, is history, especially since Minsky’s images of the devastation were among the first to be published, on the NY Times blog – three hours after the quake — and then in the Times’s morning edition. Her exhibition at Soho Photo includes images of the disaster, as it was unfolding, the immediate aftermath, and then Haiti six months later. Minsky has written various articles on women’s programs in Haiti and her exhibition, “Women of Haiti” was shown at the Brecht Forum. Her exhibition at Soho Photo is with the support of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC).


Through October 29.

For more information: Soho Photo

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