Favorites: Jerry Uelsmann’s Analog Dreams

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Jerry Uelsmann

One of our favorite artist photographers is interviewed in the NY Times today.

Q. How do you create these images?

A. When I was a graduate student, I was still trying to find this ultimate, complete, meaningful image. I would walk around with my camera and I would find something and if I thought too much, God herself could appear, and I would think, what does that mean? You’ve talked yourself out of it.

But I began finding that I had elements that I thought were interesting, but not quite interesting enough. So initially, it began with foreground/background relationships being put together. And once I accepted that idea, in my mind, that it was O.K. to do that, that really expanded the vocabulary, and it freed me up, in terms of taking pictures.

Q. There were a lot of people working visually in surrealism in the 20th century. Why photography instead of painting or collage?

A. In my case, all of my technical skills were in photography. I had taken basic painting and drawing courses, but I felt much more comfortable with photography. I began to realize that there was an incredible psychological dissonance created by combining images, because all photography has an inherent believability. Even when you look at Magritte you realize this is a painting. But from the time you’re a child, a photograph represents a specific time and place.

For more : NY Times

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