Preview: Beth Moon and Elizabeth Opalenik at Verve Gallery, Santa Fe , New Mexico

In Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery on May 1, 2012 at 4:55 pm


Beth Moon


Elizabeth Opalenik

Verve has impeccable taste in its artists … these two ladies are no exception.

Beth Moon’s photography examines the relationship between humans and earth’s creatures. Her tree images focus on their majesty and solitude. Her recent work took our intrepid artist to the island of Socotra in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Yemen. Socotra, with a sparse and arid landscape, is the home to nine species of trees, all unique to the island. Beth’s portrait of the Dragon’s Blood Tree in Socotra pays special tribute to a distinctive tree that stands tall with a vertical trunk and an out of reach and arching umbrella canopy. Included in the exhibition are Beth’s prints from the Seen but Not Heard series, a body of work that examines the role of children in an adult world. Finally, in Augurs and Soothsayers Beth captures the regal essence of capons, feathered fowl as seen at their finest.

Elizabeth Opalenik exhibits recent images where she uses the Mordançage process. Elizabeth reconfigures the darkest emulsion of a gelatin silver print to make it into a veil or drapery. Once the emulsion is loosened from the paper she rearranges the emulsion so as to create a complementary veil that adorns the subject of the photograph, Elizabeth’s dancers and nudes. In addition, Elizabeth will be exhibiting platinum palladium prints from A Journey Home, a body of work where she photographed the Amish in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was raised near this Amish community and found solace in their company while tending to her mother who was ill. The images in this series are very personal and yield a body of work that portrays a people living serenely and in harmony with the gentle rolling manicured landscape found in the western part of the state.

Now through June 2

For more information:

Verve Gallery

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