Notable: John Myers, New York Times

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Photograph by John Myers

Roll through the NYT slide show and see seminal photography from 40 years ago, previewing  the work of the next 30 years in fine art photography.

He was influenced by the photography he found in books at the local library — John Szarkowski’s “Photographer’s Eye,” for example — and the work of photographers like August Sander and Diane Arbus. “I really did object to the world of, particularly, Ansel Adams and that kind of American photography, which is highly technical — it’s almost like creation in the darkroom.” A 1972 retrospective of Arbus’s work had a particularly strong impact. “She talked about technique and she used the phrase ‘my technique is adequate,’” he said. “All of that kind of magic and darkroom messing around just kind of disappears, and you’re actually left with the real world.”

For Myers, the real world was Stourbridge, the “normal small English town” that has been his home for nearly 40 years, and where most of his pictures were taken. His subjects, shot using a 4X5 Gandolfi camera, were people he knew and their children, as well as the houses and roads around town. “There’s nothing particularly remarkable about where I actually ended up working and living and eventually marrying and settling down,” he said. “This is the world that the great majority of people live in.”


For more information: NY Times

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