Notable: Howard Greenberg’s Personal Collection

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Karl Struss, St. Nicholas Ave. South, from 146th Street, circa 1910.

Several years ago while visiting Howard Greenberg at his Gallery on 57th Street in New York, he shared with me a volume he had printed with examples of images from his personal collection. They were beautiful and now they are to be exhibited:

Howard Greenberg is known for the erudite exhibits at his gallery, Howard Greenberg Gallery, and his role in shaping both the market for photography and the photographic canon. For the first time, photographs from his personal collection are being exhibited, at the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, through June 2013, and the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation in Paris, opening Jan. 15. He spoke with James Estrin last week. The interview has been edited.

NY Times interview excerpt:


I assumed that because of the prices of the great historic photographs that digital photography just wasn’t collectible in the same kind of way.

Well in the beginning it wasn’t. There was quite a reaction against selling a digitally printed photograph, but it’s changed. I mean, it’s still on people’s minds but most photography galleries are selling more or less contemporary photographs printed digitally.

I’m a little bit different, although I’m doing the 21st century too. We now represent guys like Ed Burtynsky and more recently Joel Meyerowitz, and even though they started out using traditional color materials, they, like all the other photographers, have figured out how to work with digital materials and make it work for what they do. The whole world and the whole market has come around to that.

For more information: NY Times Lens Blog

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