Preview: Danny Lyon, “Deep Sea Diver”, Churner and Churner, NYC

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Danny Lyon, Ping Yao, 2005

Danny Lyon presents over 40 Gelatin Silver prints documenting his work in Northeast China.

Lyon’s black-and-white, 8×10-inch images of cafes, coal miners, and circuses stand apart from the monumental size and digital gloss of much contemporary photography. Throughout his career, Lyon has frequently conceived of his series as book projects, from his classic Bikeriders—the result of two years as a member of the Chicago Outlaw Motorcycle Club—to his exploration of Texas prisons, Conversations with the Dead, and the memoir Knave of Hearts. Likewise, the "Deep Sea Diver" series is part travel album, part diary, a photojournalistic personal narrative about aging and history. "The landscape looks as if it has survived a bomb blast," writes the 70-year old artist in his accompanying text. "There are times when I wonder if I am making a record of the past, or if I’ve come to see the future."

October 18 – December 1

For more information: Churner and Churner

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