Notable: Just Kids … Unpublished Pictures of Smith and Mapplethorpe

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Mr Ziff’s 1960s portrait of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith

It was 1976 in Bloomingdales when we “bumped” into Patti Smith cruising through the aisle in her monochromatic outfit with a shy demeanor. No one knew the legend she and her roommate would inspire many years out.

For years his pictures lay dormant. Mapplethorpe had lost interest, though he did incorporate them in later works. And even after Mapplethorpe’s death in 1989 from complications of AIDS, LLoyd Ziff was ambivalent about showing them. As for Ms. Smith, he said: “I never considered publishing a naked picture of Patti. It just wasn’t something you do to a friend.”

Decades later, he reversed himself.

For more information: N Y Times

Danziger Gallery

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