Preview: Oliver Gagliani (1917-2002), Gitterman Gallery, NYC

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Untitled, Bodega Bay, California, 1968

Some stunning images from the work of Oliver Gagliani will be on display at Gitterman Gallery in their new space on 57th Street.

Oliver Gagliani was an artist who at the age of 29 transitioned from the medium of music to the medium of photography. He explored the expressive potential of abstraction and his prints reveal poetic evidence of the spirit.

Gagliani returned home to San Francisco and worked as a mechanical engineer at the Naval Shipyard at Hunters Point. In 1946, while intending to go to the San Francisco Symphony at the War Memorial Opera House, he mistakenly walked next door into the San Francisco Museum of Art (at the time housed in the War Memorial Veterans Building). There he saw the traveling retrospective of Paul Strand organized by the Museum of Modern Art in 1945. Gagliani recalled that: "It was beautiful, his counterpoint of light and shade, object and space, just as in the music I had studied for so long. I returned to see it twenty times." It was this exhibition of Strand’s work and the 1946 retrospective of Edward Weston’s work at the museum which compelled Gagliani to explore photography as a means of self expression. That same year he took an intensive course with Ansel Adams and later in 1964 he took a workshop with Minor White.

June 6 through August 9

For more information:

Gitterman Gallery

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