Notable: PHotoEspaña 2013 H. Callahan & E. Weston, Le Journal de la Photographie

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Edward Weston, Nude, 1936

For great coverage of PHotoEspana events it pays to subscribe to Le Journal de la Photographie:

Harry Callahan (1912-1999) and Edward Weston (1886-1958) are two of the great American masters of photography. Both developed intense and long careers in which they dealt amply with the nude. The exhibition He, She, It features a selection of eighty pieces that moves away from the topics of erotic photography.

Unlike those pieces that seek to induce desire through the image, the work of Weston and Callahan transforms desires into images. Both artists love their models, who are their own wives or lovers. The pictures become an erotic expression filled with subjectivity and affection; hence, the act of shooting the photos is similar to lovemaking, as it entails a connection with the loved one through vision.

For more : Le Journal

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