On Site: Roberto Quezada-Dardon, Red Filter Gallery, Lambertville, NJ

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The newest exhibit at the Red Filter Fine Art Gallery features the work of Roberto Quezada-Dardon and asks the question: “What Happens When We Die?” His visual commentary on this subject provides discussion points for viewers to draw their own conclusions, while simultaneously exhibiting his talent for capturing decisive moments  in a diverse range of lighting.

“Most of what I know about light I learned designing the lighting for [Phantasm].  We took six months to shoot it and the director and producer were as obsessed with source lighting as I was.  So we did it over and over until it was exactly what we wanted. It’s the film I’m most proud of and it was my first. The 35 years since then have simply built on the lessons from that movie.”
– Roberto Quezada-Dardon

Roberto’s interest in photography began in high school, with Life, Look and National Geographic Magazines. Born in Guatemala,  and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, he attended UCLA Film School after brief periods at East Los Angeles College and Santa Clara University studying philosophy and theology.

As a filmmaker for 25 years his focus on over forty-five movies was on lighting and camera work for directors that included Don Coscarelli, Agnes Varda, and Quentin Tarantino. For the past 8 years Quezada-Dardon has lived in Upper Bucks County and  made his living as a photographer and photographic consultant.
For more information: Red Filter Gallery

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