Preview: Unveiling India,The early lensmen (1850-1910),Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

In Art Museum, Black and White Photography, Photographer on January 14, 2014 at 10:33 am

Vitthala Temple, Mahamandapa and Chariot Shrine © Alexander Greenlaw, Fondation Alkazi, New-Delhi

The exhibition looks at the first photography in India and its commercial followers, with a superb selection of negatives and vintage prints, shown for the first time in Europe.

The first part of the show will be dedicated to the original wax negatives by Alexander Greenlaw; unique shots of the South-Indian Vijayanagara site, taken around 1855-1856. Around the same period, Scottish doctor John Murray was based near Agra with his regiment of the British East India Company. Murray’s predilection for the photographic medium resulted in an astonishing series of photos of the Taj Mahal; the first ever made of the iconic Mughal monument. The third part will show how commercial photography took over from the first pioneers. Publications and postcards start to spread photos of India’s architectural monuments, landscapes and cities.

Now through 9/14/14

More information: Royal Museum

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