Notable: Grant Mudford, Excellence in Photography Award, Julius Sherman Institute at Woodbury University, Los Angeles

In Black and White Photography on March 26, 2014 at 12:05 pm
Under Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 1979, Grant Mudford

Under Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 1979, Grant Mudford

Grant Mudford has been given the Julius Sherman Institute’s annual award for Excellence in Photography. In addition to the ceremony, Mudford’s work will be exhibited at Woodbury University’s Hollywood Gallery.

“Grant Mudford deconstructs the elemental components of architecture, transforming the rebar, concrete and stucco of ordinary building sites into poignant statements about frailty and strength,” says exhibition curator Michael Duncan. “He is the most accomplished photographer currently working in Los Angeles: a master of light and composition who changes the way we think about structure itself.”

The exhibition focuses primarily on work Mudford completed in the 1970s, a series of compelling abstractions of commercial and industrial structures in Los Angeles.

The award will be presented in a public reception on April 3rd at 6pm, while the exhibit will run from the 3rd to 27th

For More Information: Julius Sherman Institute

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