Notable: New 55 Film Kickstarter Campaign, Bob Crowley

In Black and White Photography, Hardware on April 7, 2014 at 2:14 pm


Due to the ubiquity of the internet and digital age, many people have departed the realm of analogue photography for its more modern counterpart. But the tangible and nostalgic feel of an instant film camera, not to mention its aesthetic and technical qualities, is still yearned for by many at one time or another. Bob Crowley of New55 Film has endeavored to bring something new to the 4×5 film format, but he needs help to bring it to market. Consequently, he has turned to every ambitious, shallow-pocketed entrepreneur’s friend Kickstarter for help. 

New55 FILM is a new instant 4×5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too….Although New55 FILM is based on a similar single-shot architecture as old Polaroid type 55, New55 FILM will trade upon its own unique tonal character and evince different features in performance.

As a New55 FILM backer you will be making history.  But you will also be constructing the future of Post-Digital professional darkroomless analog photography.  Here, we — a group of artists (from every continent) — will take up the means of production.  Where large-scale industrial capacity has failed to adapt to the major technological and behavioral shifts from the rise of digital photography, a small-scale factory that is modular, scalable, and humane in its flexibility will begin manufacturing an important and necessary photographic material — New55 FILM.  We now have the opportunity and the responsibility to make it happen.


 Crowley’s highly ambitious undertaking has a great deal of moving parts to fund, so he’s asking for a $400,000 investment.   At the time of this posting, he has currently found support to the tune of approximately $50,000; the Kickstarter campaign ends May 5th. Investing hard-earned money aside, it’s well worth the time to at least delve further into New55’s project. 
For More Information on New 55 and it’s fundraiser: New55 Blog and New55 Kickstarter



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