Notable: RE-LIGHT The Light Factory, Kickstarter Campaign

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Image courtsey of The LIght Factory

Image courtsey of The LIght Factory

Non-Profit photography education organization, The Light Factory, has been supporting the lens-based world of art for over four decades. Its efforts have made it a nationally recognized exhibitor of photography and contributor to the craft. Unfortunately, declining funds forced it to close its doors last October. Refusing to let the organization die, they have taken to Kickstarter for help. The crowdfunding endeavor has paid off; they have already reached their $20,000 goal with nine days left. But why stop there? We’re spreading the word to continue to find more people to back The Light Factory, so that they may continue for as long as possible. The money gathered will be use to open new facilities in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Believing that art can change lives, The Light Factory offers an extensive community outreach program. Participants, having been successful in our programs by accomplishing goals for their artistic vision, develop and enhance their creative thought process, and find renewed interest in other areas of their lives. Our outreach students are learning to see the beauty of their world and becoming more confident in trusting their imaginations.

Since those difficult days in October, this is a short list of what the revitalized organization has been able to accomplish:

  • Voted in a new Board of Directors
  • Moved from the previous Spirit Square location to the new location in Plaza Midwood, thanks to help from members and volunteers over the course of several weekends
  • Thanks to board pledges, rent at the new location has been paid for a full year
  • Built-out a new classroom at the new location thanks to membership fees & donations
  • Re-launched The Light Factory’s education adult program with several classes in the first few months of the new year.
  • Collaborated with The Charlotte Symphony, holding a small photo exhibition of members’ (Sam Wang, Ahmer Inam, Gary Miller, Charles Johnson) landscape work, at a recent performance.
  • Re-launched the official website of The Light Factory (
  • Currently holding an exhibition of photographs at Babson Capital in Charlotte, with work by 4 Light Factory members (Byron Baldwin, Carolyn DeMeritt, Linda Foard Roberts, Phil Moody).
  • Received administration funding support from the Arts and Science Council.

In addition to helping an asset to the photography community, the Kickstarter campaign is rewarding those who help with some great photography and memberships to the The Light Factory. The more you contribute, the more special the thank you. Check out the campaign before it ends on May 29, 9:40 pm.

For More Information: RE-LIGHT The Light Factory: Kickstarter


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