Preview: All Hail the Queen, Kelly Fitzgerald, Ray Street Custom Framing & Art Gallery, San Diego, CA

In Black and White Photography, Photo Print Collector, Photographer on June 19, 2014 at 10:29 pm
Tootie - I , Kelly Fitzgerald

Tootie – I , Kelly Fitzgerald

The world offers all sorts of cultures . One that piques the curiosity of many, but many do not get to properly experience, is the world of drag. In the mid 1990s, Kelly Fitzgerald journeyed within California to encapsulate the still burgeoning world of drag, in all of its glam and glory.

Within a three month time period, Kelly photographed drag queens in San Diego andtraveled to San Francisco to photograph Wigstock, an annual outdoor drag festival thattraditionally acted as an unofficial end to summer for the gay community. The iconicand groundbreaking photographs Kelly captured show the essence of his subjects;creative, larger than life individuals who were not afraid to show their feminine sides andflamboyant spirit. These queens were pioneers in their own right, trail blazers at a timewhen their style and fashion wasn’t fully accepted or understood.

 We are giving  advanced notice for this show in San Diego. Opening reception will be on Saturday, July 12th, from 6-9 pm, while a second reception will occur on August 9th, coinciding with San Diego’s monthly art event. If you find yourself a fan of Fitzgerald’s work, more good news is on the way.  A new website is planned in order to work more amicably with today’ s ever evolving technology. No word on when the site will be officially up, but the prospect is exciting nonetheless.

For More Information: Kelly Fitzgerald

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