Preview: Adore Noir Issue no. 20

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Whether it’s for saving trees or the simple convenience of it, people have moved their reading in large part to the digital realm. That does not mean that the quality of reading material should suffer, however. Enter Adore Noir, a digital magazine since 2011. Dedicated to only their love of black and white photography, Adore Noir explores every facet of the art form through features and Q&As that explore every idiosyncrasy of a photographers process. Recently, they made their 20th issue available.

Photography asks for all of our senses to become a part of its experience.  And most of the time when we really connect with a photo we give ourselves to it without even realizing that we are, like a good love story.

 In Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai’s glimpse into the world of underground cabaret we can hear the laughter between performers, we can feel their generosity towards each other and the drive that leads them to entertain.  David Christian Rehor takes us into the dream time where hisGhosts of My Life, become, in some sense the glimpses of ghosts in your life, shadows and light, see through, barely there except for the fear we all felt once upon a time. Marta Azevedo’s Black Faces dare you to look at them, as Azvedo says, “in the ways they want to be seen,” an ode to the “beauty and culture,” of a “population that is often ignored or misrepresented.”

 So…Dim the lights, go to your favourite place, sit back, relax and enjoy.

 Sandra Djak Kovacs

The beauty of digital distribution is the reduction in production costs, leading to savings all the way around. At $2.95, Adore Noir is a nice price point. If you take the plunge and like what you see, back issues are available through an easy add to cart click. 

For More Information: Adore Noir 

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