Notable: VASA Connections Project – Online Portfolio Review

In Black and White Photography, Photographer on September 22, 2014 at 1:21 pm
A sample of VASA's international field of judges

A sample of VASA’s international field of judges

As a creator of just about anything, presenting it to a respected contemporary in one form or another is inevitably a crucial step in validation and growth. Social media have provided unprecedented outlets of greater convenience; in the VASA Connection’s project, photographers have their own tool for growth.

Vasa Project

The VASA Project in an online media studies workshop connecting individuals and communities on a global scale who have interest in media studies, photography, digital media arts, and sound.

To meet its vision, the VASA Project supports online media-related workshops; gallery talks by artist, critics, historians, and theoreticians; curated exhibitions; an e-bookstore; “Transmedia” the VASA Project blog, and other media-related blog projects and discussion groups.

The VASA Project is based upon the union of two familiar environments: the traditional workshop model and networked digital media technology.

Utilizing Connections, aspiring artists have the opportunity to be given an online portfolio by respected members of the photography community. The beauty, of course, is that there is no limitation on whom will give the review since VASA is a global network. The service isn’t free, but it is still cheaper than it would be to meet most of these fair people in person.

For more information on VASA and the Connection’s project: VASA 

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