Preview: Staff Picks IV, Howard Greenburg Gallery, New York, NY

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Manhattan Through a Window, 1930s, Walker Evans

Manhattan Through a Window, 1930s, Walker Evans

For the fourth year now, Howard Greenburg Gallery’s staff has put their minds together in order to curate a distinct exhibition unlike any found during the rest of the year. Each staff member faced the tall task of choosing five photographs from an inventory of 30,000. Now, the results of their work are ready for the public’s eye.

An eclectic group of images chosen by the entire gallery staff, includes an array of both well-known and unknown works by:
Bruce Davidson, Walker Evans, Louis Faurer, William Gedney, Bedrich Grunzweig, Dave Heath, Consuelo Kanaga, James Karales, Saul Leiter, Leon Levenstein, Joel Meyerowitz, Marvin Newman, Ruth Orkin, W. Eugene Smith, Iwao Yamawaki, Weegee, as well as many others.
Our gallery’s staff is comprised of seventeen unique individuals with a wide range of experience in photography; however, we all share a specialized bond in our unwavering appreciation of the medium. While some members of the staff selected images based on a theme or a specific aesthetic, others selected randomly, both approaches give the viewer insight as to the similarities and differences in how we all see and what moves us.
The gallery opened the exhibit on December 11th and will make it available to view until January 24th.
For More Information: Howard Greenberg Gallery

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