Preview: The Wave Portfolio, Anthony Friedkin, Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA

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Silver Curl, Hermosa Beach, CA, Anthony Friedkin, 2005

Silver Curl, Hermosa Beach, CA, Anthony Friedkin, 2005

Mother Nature captivates us all every chance we take the time to look around. The power and wisdom within the trees. Clouds lazily adrift in the sky. At the ocean, waves might be the most pristine, sculpted and effortless entrance into chaos seen with regularity. The water looks peaceful and harmless, yet you know that another crash of whitewater isn’t far behind. Anthony Friedkin has captured this majesty within The Wave Portfolio. 

As a visual artist working in the medium of photography, it has been my desire to explore the creative and challenging possibilities of photographing waves. These photographs of ocean waves were selected from a photo essay I have been working on since 1977. It represents a very personal interpretation of more than forty-five years as a surfer and disciple of the sea. I wanted to express my feelings about the ocean – and beyond.

Many scholars believe the ocean represents our unconscious. The sound of a wave breaking underwater is like the clamor of creation itself, loud, thunderous, yet strangely harmonic and soothing. I do believe the ocean, with its jewel like waves, is where we came from; and when I’m in the water, I feel like I’m connecting to something so mighty and so primordial it’s amazing. All the mysteries of life and death, light and darkness, space and time, are to be found there. By photographing the ocean waves I hope to reveal their secrets within.

A selection of twenty, 11 x 14 inch gelatin silver prints from Anthony Friedkin’s epic Surf Essay. Produced in an edition of thirty-five, with an introduction by the artist and housed in a custom clamshell box. $15,000

For those with deep pockets, this may be a collection worth the splurge.

More Information: Joseph Bellow Gallery

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