Preview: Angel Gitano: The Men of Flamenco, Ruven Afanador, Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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Ruben Olmo, "El Cortijo de la Sierra," El Cuervo, Sevilla, Espana, 2011

Ruben Olmo, “El Cortijo de la Sierra,” El Cuervo, Sevilla, Espana, 2011

Flamenco dance is a lot of things. Passionate, mysterious, expressive and above all dramatic. Ruven Afanador has done a wonderful job to capture the essence of this art form and represent it in selenium toned silver gelatin.

The Fahey/Klein Gallery is proud to present, Ángel Gitano, an exhibition of new work by contemporary photographer Ruven Afanador. Ángel Gitano explores and celebrates the world of male gypsy flamenco culture. As a companion to his acclaimed Mil Besos publication, Ángel Gitano again delves into Afanador’s obsession with Spanish folklore, culture, and the artists who have shared this muse–Buñuel, Dalí, Goya, García Lorca, and Almodóvar. Ruven Afanador’s powerful, wild, and unrelenting subjects masterfully personify el ángel–the iconic manifestation of the Spanish soul, so perfectly embodied in flamenco.

Ruven Afanador’s previous body of work Mil Besos (Rizzoli, 2009), captured the fierce beauty and seductive energy of the women of flamenco. “If the women of flamenco introduced me to a lush vision of womanhood– reckless, unafraid, remorseless–it was the men of flamenco who took me into a surreal milieu populated by primal archetypes of fierce egos, larger-than-life gitanos, undaunted and tribal. And it is their younger version–magnificent men of indomitable vitality, sinuous and lissome–who create a luminous modern version of this ancient tradition. Gitano embellished for me the mystery of that world, a visceral force wrenched from a centuries-old wound that transforms song and dance into a profound lament against fate.” (Ruven Afanador, May, 2014, Ángel Gitano Afterword)

Throughout the exhibition, the Fahey/Klein Gallery will be screening Ruven Afanador’s accompanying film, documenting the making of Ángel Gitano. Ruven Afanador was born in Colombia and spent his childhood in the city of Bucaramanga. He moved to New York in 1990 where he has achieved an exceptional career photographing icons of contemporary fashion, music, and film. His photographs have been published internationally, and his work has been exhibited and collected worldwide.

For those with the opportunity to make it out to to L.A., or happen to live there, Afanador’s work will be exhibited until July 18th.

For More Information: Fahey/Klein Gallery

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