Preview: PaJaMa, Paul-Jared-Margaret, Gitterman Gallery, New York, NY

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George Tooker, Jared French and Monroe Wheeler, Provincetown, c. 1947

George Tooker, Jared French and Monroe Wheeler, Provincetown, c. 1947

There are few times in the world of art that one may be taken seriously while being referred to by something that refers to sleepwear. PaJaMa is perhaps the one and only time that this applies to a group of photographers.

PaJaMa, an acronym for Paul-Jared-Margaret, was a collaboration between the artists Paul Cadmus, Jared French and Margaret French. Influenced by Carl Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious, these three artists known for their magical realism in other media collaborated in making photographs at the beaches of Fire Island, Provincetown and Nantucket as well as New York and New Jersey during the late 1930s through the early 1950s. They alternated as figures within the compositions, along with their friends, many of whom were figures in the New York art, dance, literary and theater worlds.

The intimate sized vintage gelatin silver prints often show a dramatic tension between the figures and the landscapes, suggesting psychological and symbolic relationships. They range in their expression from more formal studies to theatrical or symbolic and even surreal; often utilizing dramatic light and erotic imagery.

This exhibition will also include a Paul Cadmus etching, a drawing and sculpture by Jared French, and a painting by Margaret French. Though initially deemed socially deviant, the work of Paul Cadmus and Jared French is now highly revered and considered an important part of American art. The Margaret French painting included in the exhibition is rare, as she produced a limited amount of work and it seldom comes on the market.

 PaJaMa opens with a reception on Wednesday, Sept. 9th, 6-8 pm, and will run until Saturday, November 7th.

For More Information: Gitterman Gallery


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