Preview: “Bijou” – Box Offices, Ave Pildas, Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA

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Untitled, from Bijou Series, Ave Pildas, 1975

Untitled, from Bijou Series, Ave Pildas, 1975

Fresh off their successful jaunt into the Americana of Roger Vail’s Carnival exhibit, Joseph Bellows Gallery continuing along a similar theme with the work of Ave Pildas. Pildas has effectively captured the essence of classic theaters, whom often blended a beautiful Art Deco aesthetic with direct minimalism.

Bijou will feature Pildas’ small-scale vintage black and white photographs from the mid 1970’s. These images document, as the exhibition’s title implies, the small jewel like structures that crown the façade of their theaters. Pildas’ frontal camera position and distance to his subject remain the same in each image. This methodology forms a visual inventory of varied theater box offices; a typology that surveys the remaining traces of a vanishing architectural and cinematic culture. 

Ave Pildas’ photographs are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Milwaukee Art Museum, New York Public Library, Bibliotheca National, and the Center for Creative Photography, among others.

Books by Pildas include: Art Deco Los Angeles (Harper and Row, 1980) and Movie Palaces (Crown Press, 1982 and reissued by Hennessy and Ingalls in 2000).

The exhibit is now open for all whom are interested and will conclude October 24th. As an additional treat, Roger Vail’s Carnival has been given an extended viewing, allowing for a double dose of great photography.

For More Information: Joseph Bellows Gallery

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