Preview: Sea Treasures, Andrea Baldeck, Twenty-Two Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

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"Nautilus Quartet," Andrea Baldeck

“Nautilus Quartet,” Andrea Baldeck

The depths of the ocean are proprietors for great beauties of math, science and poetry. As such, photographers such as Edward Weston have long been entranced with what the might find. Andrea Baldeck is one of the latest to find a nautical muse.

“From the delight of a serendipitous find on the beach to the abstract beauty of a sculptural object, sea treasures have appealed to the eye and imagination since antiquity.  Shells can serve as currency, seduce as adornment, symbolize concepts (in mathematics) and signify faith (the scallop of St. James).
Marine creatures feature in architectural ornament, on fabrics, paper and porcelain.  They speak to us of familiar experiences walking the tide line, and stir our imagination with hidden worlds of the deeps.  Undersea riches, brought to light, dazzle with their diversity of form and size, texture and patterns.
Artists and naturalists, intrigued by these forms, offer these objects to our gaze as forms for both study and reflection in images where art and science often overlap. The series Sea Treasures explores that shared territory.  Black and white still life arrangements use the fall of light and a subtle palette of grays to highlight the shapes and contours of shells, bones and carapaces.  Combined with vintage texts of design and zoology, the result is an interplay of two and three dimensions intended to engage the eye, stimulate thought, and renew our sense of wonder at the natural world.”

– Andrea Baldeck

Twenty-Two Gallery’s latest exhibition will be opening with a reception on Friday, November 13th, from 6-9 PM. Philadelphians and its visitors will only have a short opportunity to catch Baldeck’s work, however, because the exhibit will conclude December 6th.

For More Information: Twenty-Two Gallery

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