Preview: Rita Bernstein, Holiday Show & Art Sale, The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA

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Sliding Pond, Rita Bernstein

Sliding Pond, Rita Bernstein

Rita Bernstein will be amongst colleagues and other alumni for the holiday festivities of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists.

The mission of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists is to coordinate a strong regional support system for visual artists, to advance the careers of professional artists in the region, to promote relationships between artists and the communities in which they live, and to increase access to and promote interest and understanding of visual art among citizens of the community.

About Rita Bernstein:

I began to make art in earnest after leaving a rewarding career as a civil rights lawyer. I had, at that time, two young children to whom I was tethered and, in my first body of work, I explored the sorrows as well as the sweetness of family life, and the ambivalence that shadows intimate relationships.       My subjects were often young people, though it was never my intention to examine childhood specifically.  Rather, I was interested more broadly in the complexities of the human psyche and I found the uninhibited behavior of children to be a rich source of clues to the personal and social dramas with which we also struggle as adults.

As I continued as an artist, I was increasingly inspired by materials and process and I began to make mixed media works on handmade paper. These works are less representational than my several earlier series, but they share a similar undertow of tension and mystery, and a preoccupation with the imperfect, the messy, the raw, and the vulnerable.

The show and sale is now open to the public until January 15th, 2016, Monday – Friday, 11am-5pm.

For More Information: The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

For More Information: Rita Bernstein




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