Preview: I Found Ansel Adams in a Parking Lot, Joseph Jurson

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Yosemite Mountain Sheer #2, Joseph Jurson

Yosemite Mountain Side #2, Joseph Jurson

Ansel Adams has been an inspiration to many. His nature photography has been beloved for nearly a century now and is one of the handful of photographers the average laymen might be familiar with. In fact, it’s safe to go as far as saying that  if someone was shown a coniferous black and white with a mountaintop, most would first guess it was done by Adams.

Thus such an indomitable standard has been set. But for photographer Joseph Jurson, Adams served as inspiration for one of his latest projects.

National Parks are a favorite destination of mine because they are more than just rocks, rivers, and trees to me.  I see art in the inspirational vistas of these national treasures.

On one trip to Yosemite, I started my journey with a visit to the Ansel Adams Gallery, spent time viewing some of Ansel Adams original photographs and picked up the book Yosemite * Ansel Adams as a memento of my visit.

Using the book as my visual guide, I drove around Yosemite and had a most interesting revelation about Ansel Adams.  He did much of his photography of Yosemite from the scenic turn-offs and parking lots.  What a pragmatic genius.  Why carry a heavy 8 x 10 camera into the woods for miles, when an unobstructed vista is visible from the parking lot?

The more I learn about the man, the more I like him.

Jurson’s more than happy to assist anyone interested in his work, so it’s encouraged to pay him a visit on his website or contact him through his e-mail,

For More Information: Joseph Jurson

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