Favorites:”Best of the Best” Emerging Fine Art Photographers 2015

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Carousel Abandoned, Steve Wolowitz

2016 is here but let us not forget 2015 excellence without recognition.

In 2012 we wrote about the march of progress in photography:

In 2012, the popularity of phone pictures, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. continued a variety of means by which individuals express themselves. In the Pro/Pro-sumer  world, the year also saw the accelerated return of full frame sensors, mirror less systems, new and amazing digital post processing software and custom electronic photo book formats for the world of tablets.

And perhaps as a reaction to all this “instant gratification”, there exists a continued growing interest in alternative photo print processes. Sometimes involving lab routines 150 years old, these “ancient” methods produce striking results that no vintage digital filter can reproduce.

All this progress continued in 2015. Technology aside, the state of image making technique “is strong” as evidenced by this diverse set of photographers below.

This year’s (once again purely subjective)  list of “Best” emerging photographers is the result of attending portfolio reviews in several cities, reviewing submitted work, contest judging and scanning hundreds of fine art examples in multiple media. These are artists at various stages in their career. Most work in Black & White, some in Color or both.

In no particular order … the “Best of the Best” for 2015 are:

    1. Ed Vatza

    2. Steve Wolowitz

    3. Alan Behr

    4. Liza Hennessey Botkin

    5. Michael Berry

    6. James Pryor

    7. Erik Hansen

    8. Jeff Wiles

    9. Anne Tapler White

    10. Jeff Martin

    Congratulations! and have a creative 2016 making YOUR photography.

    The team at BWGallerist

  1. Jeff Martin is a fantastic Artist. His work leaves a profound expressed impression upon the the viewer.

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