Preview: Ethereal Luminescence, Peter Treiber, New Arts Program Gallery, Kutztown, PA

In Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery, Photo Print Collector, Photographer on February 10, 2016 at 12:04 am
Ethereal Luminescence 53073, Peter Treiber

Ethereal Luminescence 53073, Peter Treiber

Here at BWGallerist, our niche of photography tends not to stray beyond the tradition of Black and White photography. Our friend Peter Treiber’s most recent series, Ethereal Luminescence, is a polar opposite, pushing the limits of what photography can now be.

Born in Brooklyn, Peter Treiber grew up in a family of painters and photographers. He worked in New York City as a photo assistant and then earned an AA degree in graphic design at SUNY Farmingdale/NY and a BFA in photography from the Arts Center College of Design/California.

Treiber’s most recent fine art series, “Ethereal Lumiscence,” is an ongoing series of abstract, expressionistic photographs. Begun in 2012 at a botanical garden where people were enjoying a light show, it evolved into capturing those feelings at other public gatherings that include dramatic lighting — light shows, urban street scenes, fireworks and amusement park rides.

Treiber’s work is now available to the public in Kutztown until Sunday, March 6th.

For More Information: Peter Treiber

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