Notable: Manhattan Project, Michael J. Benari, Now Available on Photo Eye

In Black and White Photography on April 11, 2016 at 3:27 pm

Manhattan Project Michael Benari

In 2015, Michael Benari took the the streets of New York in order to capture its unparalleled urban landscape. His efforts are now available in book form through Photo Eye.

In his new book “Manhattan Project”, the photographer Michael Benari presents a unique interpretation of the urban landscape. Each page is a grid of six images, all related in concept and aesthetic, to provide a mosaic-like portrait of New York. The images were captured over a two-year period and formatted into a grid-style layout to present the viewer with a new way of looking at images. The artist is forcing us to move away from the single image format to something that aims to be greater than the sum of its parts. By so doing, the images initiate a conversation between them and invite the viewer to listen. The result is a cinematic, film-noir effect, which speaks to other traditions in art, namely Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism. The shear volume and intensity of visual stimulation evokes a jazz-like parallel to experiencing the ultimate metropolis we call New York.


Image Courtesy of Michael J. Benari

Image Courtesy of Michael J. Benari

All copies are signed and softbound, and are available for purchase immediately.

For More Information: Michael J. Benari

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