Preview: New Artists and Acquisitions, Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

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The Boy, Deb Young and Frank Diaz

Count Susan Spiritus Gallery amongst those excited for the beginning of fall. The gallery is excited to debut a new collaborative duo  this month, along with the works of a more established veteran. Collectors should take note.

First to feature the work by the creative duo, Deb Young + Frank Diaz, the International Collaboration Project artists, as they work together in real time while living on two different continents; Deb in New Zealand and Frank in the USA.

In a very short period of time this duo has achieved great success and much recognition.
Their most recent achievement has been to win and share with two others, the 9th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for photography! Recent articles on the artistic duo have been published in Creative Boom, an online magazine that celebrates and supports the creative community; Chilie’s magazine; New York’s featureshoot Magazine; New York’s Musée Magazine, Russia’s Bleek Magazineand New Zealand’s D-Photo Magazine among others!
All of the links to these articles will be on the gallery’s website for reading at your leisure. The collection of work we are featuring in this newsletter is from the Playground series.

In addition, we are featuring work by the Australian photographer Ben Thomas who has reconstructed the urban places which we call home. The photographs are from the Chroma series, which illustrate a sense of place, a celebration of the minimal, and are hyper-bright and unreal.
Ben Thomas is one of the finalists for The William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize which is an initiative of the MGA Foundation to promote excellence in photography. It has become Australia’s most coveted prize in photography since its inception in 2006.

Prints are available in decidedly limited fashion, so if there’s any interest, it’s recommended to not be tardy with inquiries.

For More Information: Susan Spiritus Gallery

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