Preview: Story of Three Halves, Adi Tarkay, Fuchs Projects, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

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New York 1, 2015, Adi Tarkay

Famed Israeli photographer Adi Tarkay’s works will be visiting Brooklyn this fall at the Fuchs Gallery.

“I’m drawn to peaceful details in the urban chaos,” says Tarkay, whose quiet black and white observations were shot in busy sections of New York City, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Kyoto. Each of the 16 images on view are split into two planes — diptychs that together create a third and new reality through the juxtaposed frames. “The stories that evolve reflect my inner solitude and meditative state at the decisive moment,” he adds.

The half-frame camera in wide use in the 1960s influenced Tarkay’s project and its exploration of the relationship between two halves of the story and the ultimate third. “I photograph at that instant between moments where shape and content merge, when events and ephemera find their place within harmonious composition,” says Tarkay who shot the work with a Leica digital camera using half-frame composition.

Born in Tel Aviv in 1964, the artist is the son of Itzchak Tarkay (1935-2012), a painter best known for the colorful romanticism of his female figures. One night in 2014, the elder Tarkay came to the younger in a dream and told him that his life’s work was to be a photographer. Adi soon retired from his career in the tech business and focused full time on photography. He enrolled in a master class in Israel, followed by studies at the New York Film Academy and at the International Center of Photography. In two short years, his work has been on view in group exhibitions in Israel at the Jaffa Port Gallery, Jaffa, and at the Florentine Gallery, Tel-Aviv. His show at Fuchs Projects is his first in the U.S. More about the artist is at:

For More Information: Fuchs Project

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