Preview: Herb Ritts Photographs, Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

In Gallery on October 2, 2017 at 11:00 am
Alek Wek Herb Ritts

Alek Wek, L.A., 1998, by Herb Ritts

During his brief stay on this planet, few created photography as bold and memorable as Herb Ritts. The Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles has an exciting opportunity for fans of Ritts’ work, with rare and never before seen photographers from editorial sessions for Paris Vogue.

When Herb Ritts accepted the assignment to shoot Corps Et Âmes for Paris Vogue, he was well into his career with long-term contracts at both American Vogue and Vanity Fair. High-profile advertising campaigns, commercials, and music videos had become the norm for Ritts, with each session becoming an event unto itself.  Ritts made a deliberate attempt with this shoot to return to the core basics upon which he established his career.
Under contract with Conde Nast, Ritts required permission from the American Vogue editor-in-chief, to shoot for another magazine, even one under the Conde Nast moniker.  With this blessing, Ritts accepted the assignment and set out to create a photo session that would adhere to the more modest budget typical of a European Vogue shoot.
Corps Et Âmes features San Francisco Ballet dancers, Lorena Feijoo, Yuri Possokhov, Pierre-François Vilanoba and Pauli Magierek, photographed only on the roof of his studio in Los Angeles, where Ritts relied on natural light as his key lighting source. In a return to simplicity, Ritts would pare back to an intimate crew of just a couple of assistants. Ritts would work with rotating walls to control and maximize the use of sunlight and how it would fall on the subjects.  Backgrounds draped with solid black fabric allowed Ritts to accent the contours of each dancer, giving Ritts the opportunity to revisit his long-standing admiration for the shape and form of the human body.
For those who are captivated by bold and iconic photography, visit Fahey/Klein Gallery by October 28th.
For More Information: Fahey/Klein Gallery

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