Notable: Museums: Portraits from an Exhibition, Mitchell Hartman

In Photographer on October 23, 2017 at 11:00 am
Plate 01.jpg

Image via Mitchell Hartman

There are few greater pleasures for an artist than the debut of an all new series of work. But what makes it better is when you’re simultaneously launching a new website as well. Our friend Mitchell Hartman recently experienced that pleasure.

Welcome to my new website that features the series “Museums: Portraits from an Exhibition”. This series explores various levels of observing.   People are captured in museums while looking at other depictions of reality, filtered through my own sensibility and notions of reality. I am a watcher by trade and the subjects here are also incidental watchers. However, while in the museum, the act of watching is also complicated by dimensions of time: your time (the viewer of my photographs), the museum-attendee’s time, and in most instances, the original artist’s or exhibit’s time.

Hartman’s latest work will be exclusively available through the Susan Spiritus Gallery.

For More Information: Mitchell Hartman

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