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Preview: James Herbert, Gitterman Gallery, NYC, NY

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from “Piano” 1987, 1989, James Herbert

This fall, the Gitterman Gallery will be hosting a raw, unbridled exhibition featuring the works of James Herbert; particularly works from the late 1980s.

James Herbert’s photographs of nude young adults, seemingly lost in the intimacy of a moment, combine conceptions of film and photography with elements of art history to create images that hover between the worlds of fact and fiction, between the romantic and the real. The photographs, made of frames selected from his films, are thus the product of a collaboration between Herbert, functioning as an engaged director, and his subjects. As images, they are more poetic and symbolic than concrete, photographic allegories that draw on the visual traditions of painting.

In 1989, using black and white, and color motion picture film that he shot mostly in the 1980s, Herbert projected individual frames, one by one, on a wall, selecting specific ones that he then re-photographed with 35mm black and white film. He later enlarged the images, printing them on 16 x 20 inch paper. This process of re-photographing and then enlarging emphasized the grain of the film and created an aesthetic that mirrors the plasticity of paint. It makes the flesh palpable, in the same way that layering paint on a canvas can provide a visceral experience. He selected the frames to photograph for their still properties, thus they are not necessarily the same edit he used for the films he made from the same footage, which were also made with a re-photographic process.

Born in 1938 in Boston, Herbert grew up in Rhode Island. As a teenager he attended figure drawing classes at the Rhode Island School of Design. He received a B.A. in art history at Dartmouth College in 1960 and an M.F.A. in painting in 1962 at the University of Colorado where he studied briefly with Clyfford Still and Stan Brakhage. Herbert moved to Athens, Georgia in 1962 and taught painting and filmmaking at the University of Georgia for many years.

The exhibit will open on Thursday, September 7th with a reception running from 6 to 9pm. Those interested will have until November 4th to visit.

For More Information: Gitterman Gallery

"Dunescapes", Photographs by Matthew McIver, Red Filter Gallery

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Dunescape 04 by Matthew McIver

Dunescape 4, Matthew McIver

Dunescapes have a proud tradition in fine art photography. The beauty of a Weston print meanders through time to the inspired work of Matthew McIver.

You find silence in a desert. You find conversation in a crowd. A gathering is a place for distraction. A desert is a place without expectations.

Now through August 31.

To view the exhibition: Red Filter Gallery

Preview: Staff Picks VI, Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC

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Staff Picks VI - Howard Greenberg Gallery - 2017

Untitled, Imre Kinszki

In every walk of business, it’s inevitable that you end up finding favorites. Fortunately for the staff of Howard Greenberg Gallery, they get to have their favorites be chosen from thousands of the world’s best photographs.

This summer the team at Howard Greenberg Gallery each selected five favorites from our collection of over 30,000 photographs for our semi-annual Staff Picks exhibition. Once a week throughout the exhibition we will highlight a portion of each staff member’s selection. This week, please enjoy the photographs chosen by our Bookkeeper, Lisa Shaw and Registrar, Michael Prete.

The exhibit is already open to the public, but only until August 31st.

For More Information: Howard Greenberg Gallery

Preview: Infinite Summer, Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC

In Black and White Photography on July 6, 2017 at 11:00 am

Pentti Sammalahti

The fireworks of the Fourth have had their moment in the sky, but now Nailya Alexander Gallery wants to you to turn your attention to 7 contemporary stars in the art world.

Infinite Summer features work by seven contemporary artists, all of whose work is deeply anchored in place and steeped in the singular moods and ambiance of summer. The delicate play of light and shade casts a hallowed glow over otherwise quotidian moments in the platinum/palladium prints of George Tice (b. 1938, Newark) and in an exquisite piece from Pentti Sammallahti (b. 1950, Helsinki); while in the masterful gelatin-silver prints of Sumner Wells Hatch (b. 1984, New Hampshire), sunlight filters through water and foliage, bringing to life a magical world in which time seems to be suspended. In the work of Alexey Titarenko (b. 1962, St. Petersburg), city-dwellers flock to St. Petersburg’s urban lakes in tableaux that evoke Georges Seurat’s famous depiction of Parisians in summertime in La Grande Jatte.

Also featured in the exhibition are photographs by Marcia Lippman (b. 1944, New York), William Meyers (b.1938, Providence), and Ann Rhoney (b. 1953, Niagara Falls). Together, the artists’ work provides a visual counterpart to what Marcel Proust, hearing the buzzing of flies in the heat of the French countryside, called “the chamber music of summer…born of sunny days, and not to be reborn but with them, containing something of their essential nature, [which] not only calls up their image in our memory, but gives us a guarantee that they do really exist, that they are close around us, immediately accessible.”

The gallery will be hosting an opening reception tonight, Thursday, July 6th, 6:00 to 8:00pm. For those who can’t make it to the gallery on such short notice, the exhibit will be viewable until July 28th, 2017.

For More Information: Nailya Alexander Gallery

On site: "Jerusalem and Aida: Close Yet Far Apart", Photographs of Michael Marks, Red Filter Gallery

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Father,Aida by Michael Marks

Father, Aida, Michael Marks

On a visual journey through the ancient lands of Israel, Michael Marks captures the timeless personalities of the the current residents.

During several visits to Israel and the West Bank I endeavored to capture some of the differences in these two places, as well as the ironies that are seen in daily life.

Now, through July 31

To view the Exhibition: Michael Marks

Preview: Laura Gilpin, Scheinbaum & Russek LTD, Santa Fe, NM

In Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery on June 30, 2017 at 11:00 am

The Willow, 1919

Scheinbaum & Russek LTD Gallery will be exhibiting a bevy of beautiful photography by the classic female photographer, Laura Gilpin.

Although Laura Gilpin started photographing in her early teens when she decided to pursue photography as her life-long endeavor she asked advice from her mentor, Gertrude Käsebier, a renowned pictorialist photographer, as to where she could study. Käsebier recommended the Clarence White School of Photography in New York City. With this recommendation Gilpin headed to New York in l9l6 to study with Clarence H. White.  As Martha A. Sandweiss, Laura Gilpin’s biographer, states in her quote below, “The Pictorialists placed great emphasis on the evocation of mood rather than on detail, and favored the soft, delicate grays and texture of platinum printing papers”. Returning to Colorado Springs in l9l8, Gilpin worked in platinum with large format cameras. Her prints of Mesa Verde and her surroundings in Colorado Springs suggest as much about the emotion she felt upon viewing the scene as about the subject itself.

As Martha A. Sandweiss, former curator of photography at the Amon Carter Museum, and author of An Enduring Grace, 1986, stated,
Gilpin’s early southwestern pictures and portrait studies reflect the influence of her training.  The pictorialists placed greater emphasis on the evocation of mood than on detail, and favored the soft, delicate grays of platinum printing papers.  Thus Gilpin’s soft-focus platinum prints of Mesa Verde and her sweeping landscapes of the Colorado Prairies suggest as much about the emotion she felt upon viewing the scene as about the subject itself.
A remarkable consistency of vision links her sixty years of work.  Whether printed on platinum or silver paper, her pictures are characteristically infused with a soft, luminous light, and composed with a simple, classical elegance.

Gilpin’s work will be available for viewing until August 26th.

For More Information: Scheinbaum & Russek

Preview: Manhattan Sunday, Richard Renaldi, Aperture Bookstore, NYC, NY

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5:14, Richard Renaldi

New York has been paid homage in a thousand and one forms, but pictures have always shown its truth. Richard Renaldi Manhattan Sunday is the latest example.

Featuring photographs taken in Manhattan between midnight on Saturday and noon on Sunday, Manhattan Sunday is an homage to New York’s nightlife and a celebration of New York as palimpsest onto which millions of people project their ideal and imaginary lives. Richard Renaldi’s visual observations are rooted in the home he found himself, in “the mystery and abandonment of the club, the nightscape, and then finally daybreak, each offering a transformation of Manhattan from the known world into a dreamscape of characters acting out their fantasies on a grand stage.”

Richard Renaldi (born in Chicago, 1968) graduated from New York University with a BFA in photography in 1990. Manhattan Sunday (Aperture, 2016) is the fourth body of Renaldi’s work published in book form, following Figure and Ground (Aperture, 2006), Fall River Boys (2009), and Touching Strangers (Aperture, 2014). In 2015, he was named a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow in Photography.

The gallery by the Aperture Foundation will be on exhibit at the Aperture bookstore on Friday. Opening reception will run from 6 to 8pm. For those who can’t make the reception, Renaldi’s photographs will be on view until July 27th.

For More Information: Aperture

On Site: "Otherwhere", Photographs by Claire Seidl, RED Filter Gallery

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Peter, Sideways by Claire Seidl

Peter, Sideways, Claire Seidl

Our friend Claire Seidl has a new exhibition online at RED Filter Gallery. Her artistic approach is captured below, but it is the mystery of her work that captures the viewer’s attention and imagination.

I shoot long exposures, ranging in time from a few minutes to several hours.  Being very conscious that I cannot see in the dark or hold an image in my mind’s eye once I change my focus or move my head, I rely on the camera’s greater abilities. I use film and develop and print in my darkroom. Because I am also a painter, darkroom work seems like printmaking or drawing to me.

Now through June 30.

To view the exhibition: RED Filter Gallery

Notable: Joshua Paul Shoots Formula One with Century Old Camera

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F1 Photos With Old Camera

Image via Lollipop Magazine

Today’s modern world is a constant rush of technology, pushing us towards greater megapixels, faster framerates, and obscene ISOs. Everyone these days likens themselves to a photographer these days due the their smartphones and consequently, millions of photos are shared each day. But for travel photographer Joshua Paul, turning back the clock has elicited some extraordinary photographs. 

Paul is a fan of vintage Graflex cameras, and he’s put his 1913 4 x 5 to work for very own Lollipop Magazine and Formula One racing. The images are nothing short of beautiful.

F1 Photos With Old Camera

Image via Lollipop Magazine

Joshua Paul was born in Fresno, California. He currently lives in Brooklyn, and keeps a studio on New York City’s Lower East Side.He received his BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design, and his BA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington. He began shooting while a student at Art Center, for Nike Design, The Hotel Bel-Air, and Absolut Vodka. “Absolute Paul” was published in American Photo Magazine in 1994.

As well as adventure assignments, he also shoots portraits, luxury travel, food and cars.He has shot assignments in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Japan, and the U.K.  Cars shoots include Ferraris, Aston Martins and Porsches, for Outside Go, Bloomberg, and Automobile magazines.

A perfect reminder that it’s usually the man that makes the tool, not the other way around.


For More Information: Joshua Paul

Preview: Walking Juarez, Bruce Berman, Camera Work Gallery, Scranton, PA

In Black and White Photography, Gallery on May 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Image by Bruce Berman

Camera Work Gallery is showing off the beautiful and powerful work of Bruce Berman whilst in Juarez, Mexico. 

From Berman’s Artist Statement:

I live in El Paso, three blocks from Juárez, México. I moved there in 1980 and have, primarily, looked south ever since. The work in this show –and in my book- depicts my experiences while walking in Juárez.

In 1980, I wrote in my journal, after my first walk in the borderlands of El Paso/Juárez, “…I have seen a new world. It is both physical fact and myth. It is a place with a line drawn through it and on each side of that line there are metaphoric mirrors that reflect back at each other, distorting each other. It is the USA/Mexican border and I am going to make my stand here.”

I set out to tell the truth of a place. Maybe I did that a little, but in the end –and I think it is part of what photography is all about- I found out about me, a lot. Living and working in a place so opposite of the United States, I knew I was into something entirely different than what I had known before, from my roots in Chicago, and I immediately realized I didn’t belong there, and, that’s where I wanted to be.

So, how do you start? How do you dig out the soul of a place?

You walk.

Located on the lower level of the Marquis Art and Frame in Scranton, PA, Walking Juarez is now open to view until May 30th.

For More Information: Camera Work Gallery