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Favorites:”Best of the Best” Emerging Fine Art Photographers 2015

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Carousel Abandoned, Steve Wolowitz

2016 is here but let us not forget 2015 excellence without recognition.

In 2012 we wrote about the march of progress in photography:

In 2012, the popularity of phone pictures, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. continued a variety of means by which individuals express themselves. In the Pro/Pro-sumer  world, the year also saw the accelerated return of full frame sensors, mirror less systems, new and amazing digital post processing software and custom electronic photo book formats for the world of tablets.

And perhaps as a reaction to all this “instant gratification”, there exists a continued growing interest in alternative photo print processes. Sometimes involving lab routines 150 years old, these “ancient” methods produce striking results that no vintage digital filter can reproduce.

All this progress continued in 2015. Technology aside, the state of image making technique “is strong” as evidenced by this diverse set of photographers below.

This year’s (once again purely subjective)  list of “Best” emerging photographers is the result of attending portfolio reviews in several cities, reviewing submitted work, contest judging and scanning hundreds of fine art examples in multiple media. These are artists at various stages in their career. Most work in Black & White, some in Color or both.

In no particular order … the “Best of the Best” for 2015 are:

    1. Ed Vatza

    2. Steve Wolowitz

    3. Alan Behr

    4. Liza Hennessey Botkin

    5. Michael Berry

    6. James Pryor

    7. Erik Hansen

    8. Jeff Wiles

    9. Anne Tapler White

    10. Jeff Martin

    Congratulations! and have a creative 2016 making YOUR photography.

    The team at BWGallerist

On Site: “Dark Side of the Gallery” Photographs by Thiago Rodriques, Red Filter Gallery

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Image 3, Thiago Rodrigues

Red Filter Gallery is kicking off the New Year with an artist, Thiago Rodrigues, that literally lets his work do the talking. The only information that was supplied with the images:

Thiago Dias Rodrigues, Photographer of São Paulo, Brazil, reaching artistic and urban segments such as, art, portraits.

These images taken at an art gallery translate on many levels … just as the artist requires for an English speaking audience.

January 1 – January 31

To view the exhibition: Red Filter Gallery

Preview: Lower Manhattan: Vintage Photographs 1975-77, Bevan Davies, Deborah Bell Photographs, New York, NY

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480 Broadway, New York, 1979, Bevan Davies

480 Broadway, New York, 1979, Bevan Davies

New York City has served as inspiration for many, and Bevan Davies can certainly agree. His works from the mid-seventies celebrated the architecture of Lower Manhattan, and along with works from Los Angeles in 1976, will be on display next year at Deborah Bell Photographs.

Bevan Davies (American, b. 1941) studied photography with Bruce Davidson at the University of Chicago in the early 1960s and benefited greatly through mentoring from Diane Arbus later in that decade.  After a period of photographing people on the street, especially those at odds with society, in both daylight and evening hours with a hand-held camera, Davies changed his working methodology to describe the physical character of the city: the building façades, and the alleys and streets, with a tripod-mounted 5 x 7-inch view camera.

This change in subject and approach resulted in Davies’ most celebrated work.  When created in the mid-1970s, Bevan Davies’ architectural photographs situated themselves wholly within the dictum laid forth by William Jenkins as “New Topographics,” the title of the legendary exhibition Jenkins organized in 1975 at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.  Davies himself writes of his own approach as “an effort being made to let the camera almost see by itself.”  This notion was carried further by the late photographer Lewis Baltz who, in 1976, referred to Davies’ photographs as “rigorously contemporary, while acknowledging a use of the camera which dates from the inception of the medium.”  The images of New York façades, photographed in the early morning hours and devoid of people, describe spaces and shapes defined by light and shadow.  They depict a specific time and place, as evidenced by the window dressings and signage, and they portray a formal grace among the buildings’ details that are included within Davies’ ground glass.  The resulting 16 x 20-inch prints, with their glossy, ferrotyped surfaces and brilliant definition, are at once objective images and seductive objects.

The exhibit, which is being held in cooperation with Joseph Bellows Gallery of La Jolla, CA, will open on January 7th and conclude February 27th.

For More Information: Deborah Bell Photographs

Preview: I Found Ansel Adams in a Parking Lot, Joseph Jurson

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Yosemite Mountain Sheer #2, Joseph Jurson

Yosemite Mountain Side #2, Joseph Jurson

Ansel Adams has been an inspiration to many. His nature photography has been beloved for nearly a century now and is one of the handful of photographers the average laymen might be familiar with. In fact, it’s safe to go as far as saying that  if someone was shown a coniferous black and white with a mountaintop, most would first guess it was done by Adams.

Thus such an indomitable standard has been set. But for photographer Joseph Jurson, Adams served as inspiration for one of his latest projects.

National Parks are a favorite destination of mine because they are more than just rocks, rivers, and trees to me.  I see art in the inspirational vistas of these national treasures.

On one trip to Yosemite, I started my journey with a visit to the Ansel Adams Gallery, spent time viewing some of Ansel Adams original photographs and picked up the book Yosemite * Ansel Adams as a memento of my visit.

Using the book as my visual guide, I drove around Yosemite and had a most interesting revelation about Ansel Adams.  He did much of his photography of Yosemite from the scenic turn-offs and parking lots.  What a pragmatic genius.  Why carry a heavy 8 x 10 camera into the woods for miles, when an unobstructed vista is visible from the parking lot?

The more I learn about the man, the more I like him.

Jurson’s more than happy to assist anyone interested in his work, so it’s encouraged to pay him a visit on his website or contact him through his e-mail,

For More Information: Joseph Jurson

Preview: The Edge of Night, Lee Backer, Soho Photo Gallery, NYC, NY

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Under the Manhattan Bridge

Under the Manhattan Bridge, Lee Backer

Photographer Lee Backer will be exhibiting some of his latest works for the first time to the public; one exception was accepted in a juried competition earlier this year.

This series of color photographs follow the collection’s namesake in theme – they were all taken at twilight as New York’s various landscapes transition from the bustle of the day to its luminescent eve.

The exhibit will be at the Soho Photo Gallery in New York City.

I have been photographing since 1969. My main interest has been landscapes, both natural and man-made.

My passion for natural landscapes began as a boy in rural northwest New Jersey. Exploring the woods, fields, and streams near my home, I found that certain places—a pine forest, a rock cliff, a rushing brook—beckoned me back. Three elements of the landscape—trees, rocks, and water—are recurrent subjects of my photographs.

After college, I moved to New York city and soon began exploring all of its urban diversity. I find the urban landscape just as seductive as the pastoral landscapes of my youth.

Since my retirement from a career in technology, I have dedicated myself full-time to photography. My wife, Joan, and I now divide our time between New York City and the Berkshires in western Massachusetts.

In addition to the photos being exhibited, 50 images that summate the Edge of Night series have been turned into a book. There will be copies available at the opening reception at Soho Photo, Tuesday, January 5th, from 6-8 pm. 

For More Information: Lee Backer

Notable: Juliet Harrison 2015 Nominee for Black & White Spider Awards

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Bath 2, image courtesy of Juliet R Harrison

Bath 2, image courtesy of Juliet R Harrison


This year, our friend Juliet Harrison was one of a handful of nominees to be recognized for the 10th annual Black & White Spider Awards. She was recognized in the Abstract category for her photo, Bath 2. The Spider awards receives thousands of international submissions and is one of the most watched award ceremonies for black & white photography.

Harrison has long been a photographer of the equine and unsurprisingly her muse for her photograph was just that. What’s refreshing is just how effective Harrison was in obscuring the nature of the horse at first glance, forcing the eyes to explore and thus consider the abstraction.

In addition to the well deserved nominee, the upstate New Yorker has published the first part of her article/memoir, On The Trial to My First Horse, in Catskill Horse Magazine. Part two will follow in January.

For More Information: Juliet R. Harrison


Preview: Rita Bernstein, Holiday Show & Art Sale, The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA

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Sliding Pond, Rita Bernstein

Sliding Pond, Rita Bernstein

Rita Bernstein will be amongst colleagues and other alumni for the holiday festivities of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists.

The mission of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists is to coordinate a strong regional support system for visual artists, to advance the careers of professional artists in the region, to promote relationships between artists and the communities in which they live, and to increase access to and promote interest and understanding of visual art among citizens of the community.

About Rita Bernstein:

I began to make art in earnest after leaving a rewarding career as a civil rights lawyer. I had, at that time, two young children to whom I was tethered and, in my first body of work, I explored the sorrows as well as the sweetness of family life, and the ambivalence that shadows intimate relationships.       My subjects were often young people, though it was never my intention to examine childhood specifically.  Rather, I was interested more broadly in the complexities of the human psyche and I found the uninhibited behavior of children to be a rich source of clues to the personal and social dramas with which we also struggle as adults.

As I continued as an artist, I was increasingly inspired by materials and process and I began to make mixed media works on handmade paper. These works are less representational than my several earlier series, but they share a similar undertow of tension and mystery, and a preoccupation with the imperfect, the messy, the raw, and the vulnerable.

The show and sale is now open to the public until January 15th, 2016, Monday – Friday, 11am-5pm.

For More Information: The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

For More Information: Rita Bernstein




Notable: Kelly Fitzgerald Holiday Giveaway

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Has the cold got you down? If you’re a fan of Kelly Fitzgerald, chances are you have a beautiful ocean print to taken you out of the perpetual gray.

Ocean print or not, Fitzgerald has put together some holiday festivities for his fans in the form of a three week giveaway. Time’s running out, but there’s still time to catch at least two of the giveaways before December 19th.

I am having a Customer Appreciation Giveaway! I will be giving away FREE prints to three lucky winners! For 3 weeks, starting Saturday, Nov. 28th, I will be doing a weekly giveaway to thank my customers. Winners will be announced Saturday, December 19th, 2015. I Appreciate You!

How to enter the free giveaway:

1. Take a cell phone picture of your Kelly Fitzgerald print and share it on Facebook.

2. Like, Comment and Share post on your Facebook wall.

Random drawing will be held on Saturday, December 19th 2015. Three(3) Facebook fans will be selected at random to win the prints and winners will be announced on my Facebook wall. Includes free shipping & handling.  Offer valid worldwide. Must be a former customer to qualify for contest.

About Print:  A 5″ H x 7″ W – Open Edition Fine Art Type C Archival Print Mounted & Matted to 8″ H x 10″ W size. All materials are acid-free and archival. Protected in an archival museum quality clear plastic resealable sleeve. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Frame not included.

For More Information: Kelly Fitzgerald

On Site: “Living with Ghosts”, Photographs by James Pryor, Red Filter Gallery

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“Clamoring Voice” by James Pryor

“Living with Ghosts,” the series by Manhattan, West Greenwich Village based photographer James Pryor, visualizes encounters with the everyday uncanny.

“We are all living with ghosts in one way or another,” Pryor explains, “be they thrust upon us or conjured on our own.”

To capture these believable, intensely symbolic visions, Pryor relies on skills and insights honed in a successful career in the world of advertising images, where a desired effect must be achieved with expediency. He combines this experience with intuitive self‐reliance to produce photographs that are simultaneously concrete and ethereal.

December 1 – December 30

To view the exhibition: Red Filter Gallery

Preview: Trees of Burgundy, Wayne Gudmundson, Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA

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Saizy, France #9, Wayne Gudmundson, 2014

Saizy, France #9, Wayne Gudmundson, 2014

Joseph Bellows gallery will host the fall appropriate exhibition of Wayne Gudmundson, Trees of Burgundy.

In the exhibition Trees of Burgundy, Gudmundson depicts the beauty of theFrench countryside through observing the tree-lined roads within Saizy, a small farming community in the Burgundy region of France. In his eloquently organized photographs, he shows the viewer how these trees interact with, and in some measure create the landscape to which they belong; a richly layered landscape that suggests the possibility of narrative, real or imagined.

Wayne Gudmundson is a highly regarded photographer whose work has beenwritten about by such luminaries in the field as Robert Adams, Ben Lifson, and Frank Gohlke. His photographs have been featured in numerous books including his 2007 monograph, A Considered View: The Photographs of Wayne Gudmundson. Gudmundson’s photographs are in several prominent collections, including: the Museum of Modern Art, Center for Creative Photography, Plains Art Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Simultaneously running counterpoint to Gudmunson’s solo show is a similarly themed group show called Regarding Trees. This show surveys exemplary arboreal works of both the vintage and contemporary. 

Trees Of Burgundy will be on display until December 23rd.

For More Information: Joseph Bellows Gallery


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