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On Site: Cuba In Revolution, ICP, New York

In Art Museum, Black and White Photography, Exhibits on October 7, 2010 at 10:34 am


Andrew Saint-George, Che Guevara

We all have seen the cliché photos of the Cuban revolution over the years. As time passed, the vibrancy of this period has been lost to images of Castro in the hospital living out his final days. Now you can revisit an historic time through the lens of many renowned photographers. Witness the leaders, the soldiers, the people and yes, that romantic hero Che Guevara, both living in the moment and at the time of his death.

The Cuban Revolution of 1959 was one of the most spectacular political events of the twentieth century. A dramatic chapter in the Cold War, the improbable overthrow of the dictator Fulgenico Batista by a ragtag band of young Communist guerillas and intellectuals occurred just ninety miles from the United States.

Among the most outstanding works in this exhibition of rare vintage prints are Alberto Korda‘s famous portrait of Che Guevara titled “Heroic Guerrilla” and never-before-seen images of Che’s death in Bolivia in 1967. The show features work from over thirty photographers, including important images of pre-Revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s by Constantino Arias as well as classic images by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Raúl Corrales, and Burt Glinn, among others.

Now through January 9.

For more information: International Center of Photography