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Preview: Meet Me In My Dreams, Mary Anne Mitchell, Allenton Gallery, Durham, NC

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Mary Anne Mitchell has taken her talents to Durham, North Carolina for the fall. We’re never afraid to tout our friends here and Mitchell certainly qualifies. Mitchell has been photographing and exhibiting her work for three decades now and her work continues to be a beautiful enigma. Her most recent exhibit is inspired by her poem of the same name.

The photographs in the series illustrate my poem “Meet Me in My Dreams,” which explores the overlap of quotidian life and the illusiveness found in dreams. Captured with wet plate collodion, the long exposures create movement and give the work an ethereal atmosphere. I scan the plates and print them larger which intensifies the organic characteristics inherent in the process.

Mary Anne Mitchell’s work is derived from her experiences and visual “dreams” that move her to create. Her work documents the world in a manner that transforms the subject into something quite different from reality. The images depict situations, often mysterious, which draw the viewer into a narrative. The subject often appears isolated in a strange or surreal setting. In each piece, the artist invites the observer into her curious world. The images evoke ambiguous moods and each viewer’s response to them will be tempered by their own experiences. Mary Anne’s artwork is primarily shot on film and printed by the artist as silver gelatin photographs. The work is available for purchase and exhibition. Contact Mary Anne for more information.

The exhibit is already available for viewing. So if you’re in Durham on Friday, Oct. 6th, you’ll have a great night ahead of you. If you can’t make it then, you’ll still be able to enjoy the exhibit until November 1st.

For More Information: Mary Anne Mitchell