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“BEHIND THE BEAUTY”, Photographs by ANNE BURLOCK LAWVER, Red Filter Gallery

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Ahh by Anne Lawver

Ahh, Anne Lawver

Anne Lawver has provided us a new project. We have heard of Harlem Nights but what goes on in this famous location during the day? Anne has captured some worthy moments with her camera.

Over the last year I pursued a photography project which resulted in my having the privilege of photographing women seeking beautiful hair in a salon for women of color, Natural Sisters Salon in Harlem, NY, one of the most successful salons in Harlem. My desire is to capture private moments of hair styling, and to honor gifted stylists, artists who endeavor to make dreams of beauty come true.

Now though September 30.

To view the presentation: Red Filter Gallery

On site: "Unadorned", Photographs by Anne Burlock Lawver, Red Filter Gallery

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Anne Burlock Lawver from “Unadorned”

We met Anne in New York and was struck not only by the craftsmanship of the photographs she presented but also by the integrity of the work.

My great desire is to create interesting and worthwhile photographs. I have long been fascinated by the way we prepare ourselves to face the world and this project began as a way of exploring the transformation that took place each morning as I used make-up and wig to create the desired illusion. I was the model who would always be available and I learned to use my self in an objective way.

View the exhibition:

"Unadorned", Photographs by Anne Burlock Lawver

Now through June 30