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Notable: Sandy Alpert in Black & White Photography (UK), September Issue #193

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The Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire, Cover of Black & White Photography, Sandy Alpert

We like to see our friends get noticed. It never hurts however when another source does the same, as Black & White Photography has done with Sandy Alpert.

I’m delighted to share some exciting news…

I’m so honored and thrilled to announce a photograph from my new series

The Vertical Expression Of Horizontal Desire” is on the cover of the latest issue of Black + White Photography Magazine (UK), September issue #193. It’s accompanied by a two-page feature article about my work.

My heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth Roberts, Mark Bentley and Susan Burnstine.

This issue of Black + White Photography Magazine (UK) is available now through October 6th at Barnes & Noble, and fine art bookstores throughout the United States.
Show some support for a talented friend of ours and drop by your local vendor this month.
For More Information: Sandy Alpert

Notable: Profile of Photography Historian Bill Jay, Black and White Magazine

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Bill Jay by Bill Jay

The photographer, essayist, photography historian Bill Jay passed away recently and left a rich and varied contribution to the field of photography.

We first became acquainted with Bill’s work through LensWork magazine that also has done a retrospective. The latest issue of B&W now profiles this remarkable figure in a well done article by Carol McCusker.

Bill Jay began his career is England where he was the first Director of Photography at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. In addition, he was first Editor/Director of

After studying with Beaumont Newhall and Van Deren Coke at the University of New Mexico, he founded the program of photographic studies at Arizona State University, where he taught history and criticism classes for 25 years.

Bill Jay has published over 400 articles and is the author of more than 20 books on the history and criticism of photography.

His personal photos of famous figures in photography are fascinating but his many essays, some of which are captured in our favorite: On Being A Photographer, are well worth revisiting.

Take the time to look at his vast photographic and essay work at his website. The essays are reproduced online for your viewing.

Pick up the latest issue of B&W at Barnes and Noble and visit Bill Jay’s website at:

Bill Jay

Random Thoughts: The Photography of Miroslav Tichy … Hype or Art?

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Courtesy ICP

With a recent major show at the International Center for Photography and a Howard Greenberg exhibit alongside images by Josef Sudek, (as well as European shows) … one would think we have a new art “Superstar” in Tichy.

Miroslav Tichy is known for his voyeuristic street photos of women, the use of various homemade cameras …


… and a state of mental illness that leaves him incapacitated in trying to lead a normal life … all the markings of a true tortured artist practicing outside the bounds of acceptable art circles.

“Not so fast” says Lorraine Anne Davis in the latest issue of Black and White magazine. She intimates that the “hype” is a conscious effort by collection owner Roman Buxman to profit from a mediocre artist’s romantic and tragic history. The photos have questionable provenance and prints are often in very poor condition. She also points out that “Tichy flunked out of art school”. She cites Glenn Ruga of the Photographic Resource Center in Boston with his belief the photos are not “formally complex” and “not worthy of our attention.”

Our reaction is that photographic art is found in standalone formal images and/or through background information presented on a particular image’s history or story.

The “artist” being “marketed” is found throughout art history… with prominent debatable examples today found all over the art world especially since the adoption of  conceptual art as a critical framework (Golden Calf anyone?)

We find the issue raised about print provenance interesting given the history of poor or no record keeping by photographers/collectors until relatively recent times. Yes, the Tichy images are often damaged but is that part of the allure or not?

We believe the marketplace and the viewer is the ultimate judge of art’s value … a critic can definitely influence both but a technical approach to understanding an art phenomenon is limited in its purview.

Notable: Best of the Excellence Awards, Black and White Magazine, Stefano Carloni

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Stefano Carloni, from “Shadows in Motions” series

Black and White Magazine is out with its 2010 Portfolio Contest Awards. There are dozens of winners but just a few receive the Excellence Award. Of those “elite” we are being brazen and choosing an overall winner … Stefano Carloni of Italy.

In 1997 he began nurturing his passion for photography: major authors’ exhibitions and books, technical magazines, handbooks and constant practice are the tools he uses to learn photography’s techniques and composition by using both colour and b/w. Several pictures of his – portraits, reportage and landscapes – were published between 2001 and 2003 by the Italian magazine "Progresso Fotografico".

His conveyance of drama in motion is very impressive with the details of shadow and light working to re-enforce the sense of movement in his subjects.

For more on Stefano, visit: Stefano Carloni

Pick up the 2010 Contest issue of Black and White Magazine at your local Barnes and Noble bookstore

Favorites: Best Fine Art Paper for Black and White Photos

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One of the most popular set of articles we have published address the Epson 3880 printer and the best approaches to optimizing prints for Black and White photos. We have previously recommended particular papers from Epson that have the advantage of manufacturer compatibility “built in “ to the paper “substrate” design.

A new article (May/June 2010), in Digital Photo Pro, provides a survey of other manufacturers of fine art papers that you may want to test:

  • Canson
  • Hahnemühle
  • Ilford
  • Inkpress
  • Legion (Moab)
  • Red River
  • Museo

Making the very best print is an art. This article is about some of the materials, namely papers, that are available to you in your quest to make that print. There are simply too many papers to go into any kind of detail on each, so we have put together a brief roundup of the manufacturers with an overview of their product lines. Of course, the printer manufacturers all make their own papers, as well. Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard each has broad lines with several papers that are suitable forprofessional photographers. One of the potential advantages of using the printer company’s paper is the peace of mind that comes from knowing the paper will be compatible with your printer. Sometimes, though, you want to get outside of the box and try something completely different.

In addition there is an introduction to an editioning tool provided by ARTtrust that is worth reading.

For more information: Digital Photo Pro

Favorites: Black and White Magazine Photo Gallery

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Of course one, of our favorite magazines is Black and White. If you visit their website you will find the site quite unremarkable. It is evident all the money goes into their great magazine. But on the site is a catalog of images that has some real “jewels” if you take the time to peruse it.

For more : B&W Galleries

Black and White Magazine is great resource for photographers, collectors, gallerists and enthusiasts alike. With contests, the ability to gain exposure through placement ads, and a selection of great photos , it is a must publication for your library of fine art photography.

For subscription information : B&W Sub Info