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Emerging Artist Spotlight: Deanna Dikeman

In Art Fair, Black and White Photography, Photo Print Collector, Photographer on February 9, 2010 at 9:44 am

Deanna Dikeman “Leaving and waving”

After seeing Deanna Dikeman’s work in Atlanta and Los Angeles at portfolio reviews, we were struck by the interesting and well executed “Relative Moments” images she was sharing. We briefly interviewed Deanna and have her slightly edited comments below:

In your "Relative Moments" series … why Black and White when you work with color as well?

I started this series back when I was only working with black and white film. So it was the natural medium to choose. I was familiar with working in color from commercial assignments, so I tried some of my artwork in color. Sometimes it worked, especially with interiors. But since the color of Mom and Dad’s house is red, it seems to get "in the way" and it is much more difficult to make a successful photograph there in color. I also like the vintage feel that black and white creates.  I hear over and over that a photo I took 2 years ago looks like it was made 40 years ago.

What is your goal with the viewer?

I want to show the value of a calm quiet life lived in the Midwest. Sometimes it seems that everything in art has to have an "edge" to be successful, and I get tired of that. I like the challenge of luring the viewer into the world within my photograph by showing something ordinary, like watering the garden or washing dishes.

What are your observations on the portfolio review process as a participant?

I went to four reviews in the past 12 months. Two in New York, one in Atlanta, and one in Los Angeles. With each review, I got better prepared for the next: knowing what to present, what questions to ask, and who to try to meet with (galleries vs. publishers vs. curators.) Also, after you begin to hear similar comments from several reviewers over time, you know that comment is worth paying attention to.

Using subject matter that could be maudlin in presentation, Deanna instead kept a balanced cool but emotionally linked posture in her portrayal of aging relatives. We are left with lingering thoughts about the lasting impressions made by these images.

For more of Deanna Dikeman’s work: Deanna Dikeman


UPDATE: Deanna is appearing at Hagedorn Gallery through April 24, 2010… reception March 4 at 6pm. 425 Peachtree Hills, Atalanta, Georgia.      See: Hagedorn