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Preview: Not Quite a Retrospective, Juliet R Harrison, Merritt Bookstore Gallery, Millbrook, New York

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Velvet Moss, Juliet R. Harrison

Velvet Moss, Juliet R. Harrison

Rather than  gamble away their paycheck at the track, some people enjoy the healthier endeavor of capturing the horses behind their camera lens. BWGallerist friend and fellow photographer Juliet R. Harrison has done exactly this, compiling her works into the photography book, Track Life: Images and Words. 35 of these – and other equine photography – by Harrison will be exhibited at Merritt Bookstore Gallery.

There have been times without cameras and times without horses, but those times are long forgotten in the life of photographer Juliet R Harrison. Born on Long Island in the late 1950’s of urban intellectuals who took time to travel and explore the arts. Discovered the love of horses at age 5 when given the gift of a tiny book of black and white horse photographs. A harbinger of things to come. The obsession continued until the age of 15 when it was put aside for other things. A camera was always nearby but only to document places visited and people loved. Ms. Harrison obtained a BA in psychology in 1980. During the years from 1980 through 1988 the camera became more than a tool for documentation. A beginning darkroom course was taken and a love reborn. The camera became a tool for making art. Eventually living in New York City, architecture was the primary subject matter for Ms Harrison. Jobs as an administrator in custom color photo labs helped her learn about the print. A job as an assistant to a Fine Art reproduction photographer taught her about the camera and lighting. From 1988-1991 the photographer honed her skills in the MFA studio program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. In 1991 she graduated with a MFA in Photography. The year 1999 began the return to horses finding her true subject matter in the Equine form. Ms Harrison has exhibited work in juried shows, invitationals, and museums throughout the United States. Her work is in private collections throughout the world.

Not Quite a Retrospective will open on May 1st and run until June 29th. The Artist’s Reception will be Saturday, May 10th, at 11:30 am.

For More Information:  Juliet R Harrison

On Site: “Equiscapes” Juliet Harrison, Red Filter Gallery, Lambertville, NJ

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Juliet Harrison, “All That Glitters”

Equine photography is a long honored tradition in fine art image making. Juliet Harrison takes this platform as a starting point for exploration and drills down with a razor focus on the form and beauty of these elegant beasts. With an approach not unlike that of human figure studies, she creates an impactful vision of where these creatures “fit” in the universe.

To me the horse is a piece of art. It is the structure of muscle and bone beneath the skin. It is the texture and warmth of the coat. It is the pattern of that coat. The images are what the horse person sees and works with. Not the whole, but the piece. The piece you are grooming. The part under your hand. The movement of one muscle group that will tell you if the whole is working right when you are training. This is what I am trying to tell my viewers about. Through the structure of modernist fine art photography, I am trying to talk about the horse, the icon of myth and history in its most elemental relationship to us, the viewer.

Now through July 26.

Opening reception Friday, June 10.

For more information: Red Filter Gallery

For an interview with Ms. Harrison: Juliet Harrison

Note: Red Filter Gallery is affiliated with BWGallerist.